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Ink, graphite, charcoal, chalk.Ink, graphite, pencil, charcoal and chalk.Ink, pencil, charcoal and chalk.Ink and graphite.Norfolk coastline - charcoalSmall Charcoal drawn from paintingLarge Charcoal drawn from small charcoalPouring Inks down paper inspired by building constructionCOLLAGE AND PENCILCutting and pasting different paper shapesPaper, wood and watercolour.Folding a scrap of paper with a view to larger workLockdown Installation front view - pencil & collageLockdown Installation view with bollard - pencil & collageLockdown Installation diagonals - pencil & collageLockdown installation - pencil & collageCharcoal on Brown PaperPencil on paper. dying flowerhead.Timed drawing in charcoal.